Why Kyrgyz National University?

Kyrgyz National University

Kyrgyz National University named after Jusup Balasagyn , is a national university of Kyrgyzstan located in the capital city of Bishkek; is state higher educational institution of the Kyrgyz Republic, the oldest and the largest higher educational institution of the republic. Educational institution was established on October 25, 1925 as the Kyrgyz Institute of Education. Kyrgyz National University is named after Yusuf Balasaghuni .

-> VIP building in center of capital
-> Ranked 1st among universities in Kyrgyzstan
-> 2800 teaching staff
-> 57 program including MBBS/MD
-> Kyrgyzstan top research center
-> In 1982 University was awarded the Soviet Unions Order of Red


1- Ural federal University ,Ekaterinburg,Russia
2- Russian Center for Science & culture in Bishkek
3- Kazakh National University
4- Kyrgyz-Japanese Center human development
6- Affiliated by World Higher Education Data base(WHED)