Why Kyrgyz National University is best for International Students?

Kyrgyzstan is the Best place for Students interested in MBBS/MD Worldwide with the Least Fee Structure
and Maximum Facilities and a reputable Degree. Next step is to Choose the Best Institute In Kyrgyzstan .
Kyrgyz National University is the best option for Students coming across different countries .
Kyrgyz National University has the best and Simple Admission Processs and
Consultancy charges.Ther is no any issue for the Students who are interested to Study in KNU
for getting to their Dream


Setup Of IA for Admission

International Admissions (IA) has been setup in International Office, to facilitate International Students. IA provides all
facilities and is a ‘home away from home’. IA is a first point of contact for all possible assistance and support to international
students before and during their studies at Kyrgyz National University, Bishkek ,Kyrgyzstan.
International students are the central point of focus of its internationalization policy and it welcomes international students
from across the world. In order to attract international students and to provide opportunities to get quality higher education.
Kyrgyz National University offers MBBS/MD degree program specially to International Students. International students are
enrolled in different graduate and undergraduate degree programs. Currently more than 400 International Students from
18 countries are registered at Kyrgyz National University.